Spotlight on Success: Kennyhertz Perry Relies on the ‘ABC Network’ for Growth

May 27, 2021
John Kennyhertz, left, and Braden Perry

As a business attorney, John Kennyhertz understands the value of a strong professional network.

“We do a lot of work for small businesses and startups, and we always tell our clients they need three things – an attorney, a banker, and a CPA,” said Kennyhertz, who co-founded Kennyhertz Perry Attorneys at Law in Mission Woods, Kansas, in 2013 with his partner, Braden Perry.

It was in the same year they joined forces with Frank Granatino. At the time, John Kennyhertz and Braden Perry were sharing a small office in Prairie Village with only a few clients. Over the past eight years the firm has grown to 10 attorneys and numerous clients operating in almost 10,000 square feet of space in 2 states. They even added 4 professionals to the team and an additional 3,000 square feet of space during the COVID-19 pandemic!

“We got tired of seeing a void in what we could offer to our clients, and I got tired of referring good clients out, so we added to our team to provide the services they needed,” Kennyhertz said. “We’ve grown at a fast pace, but we’ve done it intentionally and added people who fit our vision and provide the best legal service available.”

While the firm has added a tax attorney to handle IRS and white-collar matters, in addition to estate planning and business formation professionals, Kennyhertz remains loyal to the only accountant – Goering & Granatino – the firm has worked with since he and Perry set up their network in 2013.

The relationship goes beyond the standard bookkeeping, tax compliance and planning, said Kennyhertz, who’s quick to acknowledge clients work with lawyers and accountants to do the “stuff you don’t want to worry about.”

“Working with Goering & Granatino eliminates that stress of making sure we know what’s going on from a tax perspective and with revenue reporting, and payroll,” Kennyhertz said. “Frank, Amber, and the Goering & Granatino team are like our partners down the hall, just at a different firm.”

That confidence is what makes the two firms’ relationship unique, and it extends into client work, with both firms often referring clients to each other. As Kennyhertz and Perry grew the firm, accessibility to each partner was a key focus, as it’s one of the biggest complaints they hear when clients come from another firm.

“Frank and the team operate the same way, and that’s huge,” Kennyhertz said. “It doesn’t have to be Frank himself calling me back immediately, but someone always does who knows my business and the information I need to answer my questions. Everything always seems to be an emergency these days but having a lawyer or accountant who simply understands the importance of getting back to people and answering those questions are what helps us succeed.”

That the Kennyhertz Perry attorneys and Goering & Granatino continue to partner so closely after eight years is a testament to building that initial network Kennyhertz encourages all of his clients to create from Day 1.

“A lot of our clients are just starting out and they need additional work as they grow from an accounting firm,” Kennyhertz said. “It’s always great when I can refer clients of mine to someone that I, myself, do business with. I don’t know what bigger vote of confidence you can give than sending one of your best clients to another professional with the confidence that they’re going to be taken of.”