The retail industry is highly competitive, and the industry has substantially changed over recent years. Brick and mortar isn’t what it once was. Now to compete, stores must have an online presence. This, in many cases, has led companies to abandon a physical location entirely in favor of online sales.

Whether your company serves customers via online sales, brick and mortar or both, there are unique challenges that come with each facet of your business. Thanks to our now ‘instant gratification culture,’ customers want to buy goods and services when and where they want. This means, as a retail business owner, you have to be aware of more than just selling. You have to understand cyber security, the different tax structures for online versus brick and mortar, and how to effectively monitor where retail goods sales are coming from.

Through our extensive work with local and national retailers in Kansas City and across the country, we understand the challenges you face. At Goering & Granatino, we can help you understand how these challenges impact your bottom line. We can help you manage your finances, develop tax strategies and choose where to invest to keep your business growing.

Charlie Hustle

“What I like the most about working with Frank is how responsive and quick he is at providing answers to our tax questions. If he doesn’t have a complete answer, which is rare, he will go find the answer and get right back to us.“
– Mark Nicholson

Fusion Fitness

“Amber is definitely awesome! I needed a lot of guidance setting up my 1099 and LLC plan for taxes and she was a tremendous help for me in that process. She took extra time to explain things in detail so I fully understood what to expect for payroll, taxes, etc.“
– Sadie Durbin