Breweries/ Distilleries/ Restaurants

There is significantly more to being in the food and beverage industry than most people think. As restauranteurs and business owners, you must consider a large number of regulations and taxes, that vary greatly from state to state, as well as be familiar with the various credits available to offset tax liability.

Through our work with numerous clients in this industry, our team at Goering & Granatino knows and understands the laws that affect you most. We utilize several tax credits and deductions that can save you and your business thousands of dollars each year. In addition, through our accounting and part-time CFO services, we help with the business side and let you focus on providing the best experience possible for your customers.

Martin City Brewing Company

“Frank’s responsiveness and knowledge of my industry, and the tax industry as a whole, is very attractive. He is my compass when it comes to make decisions about my business’ taxes. He always finds ways to make things work and is not afraid to tell me when something won’t work.“
– Matt Moore