From start-up to profitable business: G&G helps photographer build her dream

February 1, 2021
Kelly Alley, Owner

Photographs have always been a significant part of Kelly’s life. She believes strongly in preserving the memories and experiences of life with those we hold dear to us. This led her to start her own small business, Kelly Alley Photography, Inc., providing quality professional portraiture to people in the Kansas City area. 

Goering & Granatino has collaborated with Kelly since the formation of her businessFrom the purchase of her business license to renting studio space and now navigating the pandemic, “Amber was there to guide me in setting up my business for profitable growth,” Kelly said.   

Owning her own business allows Kelly to balance the schedules of her children and gives her the freedom to work when and how she wants. G&G is an integral part of that successful balance. 

Staying in focus 

G&G helped Kelly navigate the basics of accounting, the various entity structures available to her, and the tax strategies associated with each G&G also helped guide Kelly in setting up sustainable pricing by helping her predict and properly map out the expenses of owning a business. Most recently, G&G is advising her on the coronavirus’s impact on her business  helping her adapt and make the best decisions possible in the short and long-term.  

Kelly says she is a business owner first and photographer second but prefers spending more time on photography. Outsourcing has been her secret weapon for creating the capacity she needs to grow her businessHaving G&G there gives her peace of mind. 

An interesting part of Kelly’s current business is branding photography. In addition to offering individual headshot photography and business portraits, Kelly offers a variety of packages built to help meet the growing needs of today’s businesses by providing quality imagery for websites, marketing material, proposals, and content for social media platforms.

Kelly said she hopes to hire some employees in the future, and she said she will be discussing that prospect with G&G to ensure the business is ready. 

Capturing the ‘wow’ 

Amber has championed me and been in my corner. Even when I first started, she was there with encouragement,” said Kelly. G&G has delivered every step of the way by answering the big and small questions like how to pay herself and how to charge sales tax in other states. Amber is more than my accountant. She takes a personal interest in my business and not just my bottom line.”  

Kelly would tell other business owners that the advisors at G&G are personable and genuine. “You never have to worry that something will be left unattended or come out wrong because they think of everything. Your business is in the right hands.” 

Kelly Alley Photography is operating during the pandemic. She follows mask and social distancing protocols and offers limited contact studio sessions and pick-ups. To learn more, visit  

Just For Fun 

  • What makes you happy? – Laughter and a good sense of humor. I want my clients to feel like they had fun during their shoot.
  • What is your favorite movie? - I speak fluent movie quotes, but I don’t think I could choose a favorite!
  • Favorite travel destination? – My daughter lives in Savannah, Georgia, and I’ve visited many times. I love the history, architecture, and the beach.
  • How do you stay organized? – I’m creative – I don’t organize! All kidding aside, my CRM keeps me organized, and my studio mate and I balance each other out. And then, I use G&G to make sure my business is secure.