Big Things Happening at Hello Big Idea

January 28, 2020
Ashley Mahoney, Founder/Owner of Hello Big Idea

Small but mighty – that’s how Ashley Mahoney, owner of Kansas City design firm Hello Big Idea, would describe her growing business. Hello Big Idea is a business by women for women, and it’s evident in the way Ashley and her team operate that they are committed to helping their fellow women business owners succeed.

“Our main mission is to create high-quality, striking and affordable work for businesses by women and for women, although we are not exclusive to women,” Ashley said. “We pride ourselves in not just the product we deliver, but also in the experience our clients have when working with us. Each touch point should feel good. There should be no question about where your deliverable is or when you’ll hear from us.”

Hello Big Idea provides brand and web design services and social media strategy and management to their clients. From new businesses just starting out to established business rebrands, Hello Big Idea assists clients wherever they are on their journey.

Hello to a calling

Before Hello Big Idea, Ashley started her career teaching business education and started doing some freelancing on the side. It was through freelancing that she discovered she didn’t just want to teach business, she wanted to do it. Not only did she enjoy the process of helping businesses through freelance, but she discovered she was quite good at it as well. After a serious of life-altering events, including moving to Jamaica for a time, Ashley established Hello Big Idea, and for the past 4.5 years it has grown.

Much of the success and growth of the business comes down to the relationships Ashley and her team have built with their clients. Approachability, high-quality work and affordability are important to Ashley, and when working with a client, she emphasizes the importance of problem solving. “It’s everything in our world,” she says. Developing long-term solutions to their clients’ creative issues is the goal, and each team member knows their responsibility in the process.

Hello to the team & culture

Ashley’s attention to detail carries over into the culture she’s built at Hello Big Idea. It starts from the point someone is interviewed and carries through the onboarding experience. Like their clients, each touch point with a potential new team member is important, and Ashley says it’s more about talent, execution and character when hiring a new team member and less about what’s on paper. She now has seven team members including herself.

“I believe that each person that works for us sets the culture, so each step of the hiring process is important. Everyone here shows up and works really hard to get the job done. When we have challenges, we sit down as a group and discuss how to fix them,” she said.

The Hello Big Idea office is a beautiful open space with ample room to spread out, be creative and get collaborative, and truly reflects the personality of the business. It’s a place where people want to work, often requesting internships or positions via social media, and it’s a reflection of Hello Big Idea’s brand.

Hello to the future

Big goals are on the horizon for Hello Big Idea in 2020. While aiming to increase team members, grow in projects and social media presence, and continuously improve their processes for an optimal client experience, Ashley and her team are focused on building a sustainable future. Her relationship with Goering & Granatino, she says, is important to their success.

“Amber [Goering] is amazing at what she does, and she and I have a like-mindset in growing our businesses which was important to me,” Ashley says. “Working with women in every aspect of the business from my CPA to my insurance agent and realtor means a lot to me. And they have to be conscientious business owners themselves. Amber has become a good friend through networking and relationship building, and her team has done a great job of taking care of us along the way.”

To ensure she’s always working on the business and not just in the business, Ashley empowers her team to be successful and ‘do the thing.’ While she retains Hello Big Idea’s social media management, the rest is delegated. When it comes to growing the company, it’s a team effort and everyone is involved. Time is mapped out for everyone to work on the business together as a team.

“We’re still a fairly young company, but I am excited for where we’re headed. In 2019, we moved into a bigger space that we can grow into, and we want to keep leveling up each year,” she said.

You can bet more big things are coming for Hello Big Idea.

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What makes you happy? – My wiener dog, Kevin. He often works with us at the office and always puts a smile on my face.

Favorite Band – Mumford and Sons

Favorite TV Show – Schitt’s Creek

Favorite Travel Destination – I love cities like Chicago and NYC, but I would love to travel to Asia or Africa someday.

What piece of advice can you offer entrepreneurs? – “Don’t let impostor syndrome get to you. You have to have faith in yourself. The proof is in your results. Be confident and give yourself credit where credit is due.”